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This page contains some information about Palbum. If you still have a question you can always send us an email.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report content?

Images, Comments and Profiles from others can be reported by clicking the three dots of the thing you want to report and then selecting "Report". This will send a report to us and we'll do our best to process this request within 24 hours. As an owner you can also delete Comments from others and everyone can block Profiles. After blocking someone they can no longer access your Profile and Images.

Can I turn my Group public/private

On the creation of a Group you can select whether it is public or private. This can then no longer be changed, since this feature could possibly be abused.

How do I delete my Account?

You can delete your Account by going to Settings. Then on the bottom you can select the button to delete your Profile. For more information about deleting your Account, see our Privacy Policy

How much can I upload?

You are allowed to upload up to current 200 photos and create as many Groups and Albums as you would like. After inviting a user your limit gets increased by 20. Premium members can upload up to 10000 concurrent photos.

What is Palbum Premium?

Palbum Premium is a subscription that can be bought in the App Store/Play Store. As a Premium Palbum member your limit of concurrent uploads gets increased to 10000. Palbum Premium can be paid monthly or annually and auto-renewal can be cancelled by going to your Account Settings of the Store where you bought it. More about Palbum Premium can be found in our Terms and Condition

Can I change my name/username?

Right now it's not possible to change your name or username. We might add this feature in the near future.